Choosing a Large Graphic Installer and Vehicle Wrapper

Whether you’re promoting a business or just having fun with a new color for your car, vinyl wraps are the cost-effective way to go. With the rise in popularity for vehicle wraps and graphics, there is also a rise in businesses vying for your business. The installation of a wrap is crucial in terms of quality and longevity. Here’s what to look for when you look for a vehicle wrapper.

Wrapping is an art

IMG 1421 - Choosing a Large Graphic Installer and Vehicle Wrapper

Change the color of your vehicle without ruining the original paint job.

Wrapping your vehicle in graphics, design, and cool colors is an art. A vehicle wrapper is an artist. When you go searching for a vehicle wrapper, look for an artist whose work you admire. Always look at the portfolio of the company you choose to make sure that you like their work. The reason you don’t just wrap your vehicle is that there is a particular skill involved. Find a vehicle wrapper that has the skills and the experience to do a great job.

Quality materials

Make sure that the wrapping company you choose uses the highest quality materials. A vehicle wrap should last for years, as well as protect the paint underneath. With high-quality materials, you’ll get the longevity that makes it the most cost-effective way to advertise or change the color of your vehicle. With quality materials, should you get tired of the design, the wrap can easily be removed to reveal a perfectly protected paint job underneath. Unlike a paint job, a vinyl wrap means you can go back to the original paint-job at any time.

Wrapping facility

The wrapping facility should also meet specific requirements. Dust and temperature can affect the quality, longevity, and the visual of the vehicle wrap. Choose a vehicle wrap company that has a temperature and dust controlled wrapping facility.
frontierair - Choosing a Large Graphic Installer and Vehicle Wrapper

Choose a facility that can handle the scale of the job.


Every vehicle is different, so is every design. To make sure that the design and the vehicle flow, the vehicle wrap company needs to create a design that perfectly fits your vehicle. That means that they have to be willing to customize the graphics to the make and model. Working with you to ensure that the graphics perfectly match the curves, shape, and size of your vehicle means that they are going to pay attention to detail. Paying attention to detail is a vital component of a great vehicle wrap artist. Talk to PG Install about wrapping any vehicle, be it on land, sea, or air.