Every Vehicle Wrap Facility Should Have These Two Things

Car wraps are becoming increasingly popular and a staple in every marketing plan. However, when something grows in popularity, so do the number of businesses that want to exploit this new trend. Choose wisely when you get your company vehicles wrapped, because not every auto wrap facility is created equal. Here are two things that every vehicle wrap facility should offer.

Quality car wraps

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An excellent installation facility should be dust and temperature controlled.

A wrap can last a long time and for relatively little cost. The benefits and the rewards far outweigh the initial cost of design, printing, and installation. To get a quality car wrap, you need to work with a designer who will consider your vehicle. The placement is critical, both for legibility and overall impact. A poorly designed wrap can give your company a wrong impression, whereas a well-designed car wrap can generate thousands of positive impressions a day.

Installing a quality car wrap

Once you have the design and the wrap printed on quality vinyl, you need to find a quality installation expert. The best design is wasted on a poor installation job, so don’t ruin all your hard work customizing the design to your vehicle, only to have it installed wrong. Two main factors go into a quality vehicle wrap installation.

Dedicated wrap facility

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We have 10 full-time certified installers that can handle an entire fleet in no time.

A quality vehicle wrap facility should have the space to handle multiple wraps at a time. At PG Install, we can wrap a whole fleet in one day due to our spacious vehicle wrap facility. The facility should be dedicated to the art of vehicle wrap installations, but the most critical aspect of the facility is that it is temperature and dust controlled. Even the best materials will require a specific environment that is best for a quality installation. The place where you get your vehicle wrapped should have a dedicated wrap facility that is temperature and dust controlled.

Certified installers

We have 10 full-time certified installers. We are a 3m preferred installer and have passed the industry’s most demanding graphic installations testing. We can handle all the quality brands and materials in the vehicle wrap and decal industry. For the best vinyl fleet or vehicle wrap installations, contact PG Install.