Get Creative With Vinyl Wraps to Personalize and Brand Any Object or Vehicle

Vinyl is the greatest modern invention of our time, and wrappers are the new creative artists. With a little imagination and the skills to handle vinyl, you can wrap just about anything. These days, we’re using vinyl not just to promote our business or brand, but to customize and create unique designs to personalize vehicles of all kinds, as well as objects of any shape or size.

IMG 0817 - Get Creative With Vinyl Wraps to Personalize and Brand Any Object or Vehicle

Change the color of your vehicle with a wrap.


The hottest new vehicle accessory these days is autostyling. Autostyling has endless possibilities, which is why it is so attractive. Not only is it cost effective, but it gives customers a chance to make something reflect a personal style or brand identity. Whether you’re promoting a business or just promoting yourself, using vinyl has become the go-to method.

Graphics installers

Call us graphics installers or call us wrappers, either way, we are artists who work with vinyl to create incredibly intricate and compelling designs that can be fitted and wrapped on just about anything. Working with professionals will allow you to create a design, and have it perfectly fitted to any shape, object, or vehicle. Getting the perfect fit and the perfect installation is crucial to any vinyl design.

Creative uses for vinyl wraps

DSC01997 - Get Creative With Vinyl Wraps to Personalize and Brand Any Object or Vehicle

Perfectly fitted vinyl wraps for any vehicle.

Vehicles are the most common objects that we see in our professional wrapping facility. We custom fit vinyl graphics to boats, planes, trucks, cars, vans, motorcycles, and bicycles. Vinyl can be used to personalize a vehicle to reflect your style and personality, but we can also custom fit a vinyl wrap to promote your brand.

Complex design and fit

As we see more and more uses for vinyl wraps, the design of the vinyl has evolved to fit every use. The vinyl has developed to allow for more sophisticated design and intricate fits. We are not just wrapping square boxes; we are wrapping items with complex curves that have to be taken into consideration, both in terms of the design, but also the installation. Have an idea for a vinyl wrap? Talk to the professional wrappers at PG Install.