Make Your Rebranding Efforts More Impactful

When you take on a rebranding effort there are a lot of elements to consider. For rebranding to be successful, you have to be consistent and coordinated. Rebranding needs to happen on a company-wide, it can’t happen in stages, so you need to have all of your rebranded materials ready for release at the same time. One of those coordinated efforts is installing your rebranded storefront signage.

Rebranding storefront signage

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Coordinate the installation of your rebranded signs and banners.

Every business goes through a few growing pains. As you take on new services, expand your product line and open up new locations you’ll find that the branding and marketing of your first days may need to be revamped and upgraded. Sometimes it’s just small changes that make your brand more impactful. Other times it’s a complete overhaul of a brand that wasn’t working, to begin with. Whether it’s a huge or a small rebranding, any change will need to be recognized across the board. You can’t give one storefront brand new signs, and leave other storefronts with old graphics and logos.  

Changing fonts, colors, and graphics

The font and the color that you settled on when you first started may not be as powerful as you hoped, so now you want to punch up the wow factor a little. Your storefront sign should be impactful, memorable, and inviting. It should also represent your brand and your mission statement. If you decide to change colors, fonts, graphics, or maybe your company tag-line, you need to change it everywhere.

Coordinating installation efforts

Sartos 2 - Make Your Rebranding Efforts More ImpactfulOnce you’ve worked with a branding expert to make your colors, font, logo, graphics, and tagline more impactful than before, you want to have a coordinated installation effort in place. If you have more than one location, make sure that your rebranding efforts are revealed at every store at the same time. The more consistent you can be, the more powerful your new brand will be. Professional installation of your signage, from a permanent storefront sign to promotional signage, will need a professional graphics installation company that will install your signs correctly. Installing signs without defects and errors means that you are increasing the longevity of the sign, as well as making sure that the signs are making great impressions on your customers. PG Install can coordinate a national installation effort. Put your rebranding efforts in the best light possible with professional installations.