Considerations for a Great Permanent Storefront Sign

A storefront sign is one of the best marketing tools for any business. It is the first impression that you get to make on potential customers, so make it a good and long-lasting impression. Your storefront sign should reflect your brand and the types of products and services that you sell.  Design, materials, size, and cost are the biggest factors in choosing the type of sign that is right for your storefront

Durable and weather resistant storefront signage

home 0001 textured surfaces 300x225 - Considerations for a Great Permanent Storefront SignAs far as permanent storefront signage material, nothing beats metal. Metal signs are weather resistant and can be designed to suit any type of business. A metal sign doesn’t have to be hard and industrial. Your design is going to take the metal, and manipulate it so that it reflects your brand.

Designing a storefront sign

Only your imagination will limit your storefront sign possibilities. You can keep it one dimensional, with painted lettering and logo. Or, you can make the metal storefront sign more interesting with 3D graphics vinyl lettering and different textures.

Mixing materials

You can also mix materials. Wood, metal, and vinyl are all durable and weather-resistant. And, wood gives a nice natural and rustic element to your storefront sign. Choose materials that look good on your storefront, but make sure the sign isn’t too busy. Remember, this is permanent, so keep it simple and classy.

Vinyl 3D graphics

IMG 2275 e1481672766591 300x224 - Considerations for a Great Permanent Storefront SignVinyl is another great product for permanent signage. And, vinyl graphics can be designed in any way to meet your storefront requirements. Vinyl is durable and tough.

Graphics installations

When it comes to price, the materials will have their cost, and there will be a cost for the design. Even if you come with the design, the type and style of lettering you choose are going to add to the cost. And, finally, there are the installation costs. Depending on how the sign needs to be installed, if it is hanging, standing, or graphics on a window, you need to consider the cost of installation. The installation is the final element to a great storefront sign. Poor installation could detract from the design, and, it could cause your sign to tip over or fall down. Pro Graphic Install has invested heavily in building the largest and most experienced certified installation team in the state. Our team of Certified Installers is the only team in Colorado with all 5 nationally recognized installation certifications. We have the training, manpower, experience, and skill set to deliver the largest and most challenging graphic and wrap installation projects. Contact us today for a free estimate or to schedule your next installation.