Protect Your Vehicle Wrap from Winter Weather

A vehicle wrap installed using 3M certified vinyl and products will stand tough against almost any type of weather. With the proper maintenance and care, a vehicle wrap will last through every season, and then some. Although caring for a vehicle wrap is fairly low-maintenance, there are a few things that you should be aware of that could damage your vinyl graphics. Since winter is here, let’s talk about how to protect your vehicle wrap from winter weather damage.

Snow and frost damage to vehicle wraps

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Never use a scraper to remove snow and frost from your vehicle wrap.

At PG Install, we use 3M certified products and the best installation techniques. Our vehicle wraps will hold up in any type of weather and are the most cost-effective way to promote your business all year round. 3M vinyl is tough and durable and you shouldn’t worry about snow, ice, frost, and road salt damaging your vehicle wraps. But, take precaution.

Cleaning off snow and frost

As tough as a 3M vinyl graphic is, if you clean your car with the wrong materials and tools, you could cause damage to your vehicle wrap. A good rule of thumb is to treat your vehicle wrap like you would a regular paint job. Even without the vehicle wrap, you wouldn’t use a metal scraper to scrape frost and snow off of the body of your car, right? Therefore, never use a metal scraper to scrape snow off of a vehicle wrap.

Perforated window graphics

Using a scraper to get frost off of the windshield is common. However, if you have perforated vinyl graphics on your back windows you need to be careful. Never use a metal scraper as it could damage or scratch the vinyl.

Cleaning off snow and frost

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Gently clean off any road salt from your vinyl graphics to prevent corrosion.

The best way to clean off your car in the winter is to use a soft brush or cloth, allowing your car to heat up a bit before you clean off the snow and frost. Once your car is heated, it will be easy to wipe it off with a soft brush or cloth.

Road salt

Salt is a corrosive element, and many have a love/hate relationship with road salt in the winter. High-quality vinyl will not damage if it comes into contact with road salt. However, if salt is allowed to sit on your car, whether it’s on the vinyl graphics or the undercarriage of your car, it can eventually start to damage the vehicle wrap. When you park your car at night, we recommend wiping off any salt to avoid any chance of corroding the vinyl.

Quality vinyl graphics installations in Denver

The quality of your vehicle wrap depends on the quality of materials and the installation. At PG Install, we specialize in the installation process. And, we use 3M certified materials to ensure that your vehicle wrap meets the highest industry standards. Get your vehicle wrapped at PG Install in Denver!

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