Don’t Get a Bad Rap For a Bad Wrap

The installation of a vehicle wrap is so crucial if you want to make a good impression. When you wrap your vehicle, everyone you pass on the street will see it, so you have to make it count. Making a mistake with the vehicle wrap can give your brand a bad rap.

IMG 0023 - Don't Get a Bad Rap For a Bad Wrap

The final product should look like it was painted on the vehicle.

Vehicle wrap mistakes

There are many steps involved with vehicle wraps, giving you many chances to mess up. Because you have to account for doors, windows, hood, trunk, and other curves and angles, hiring a professional to handle every part of the installation can save you from making all the common amateur mistakes. You want the vehicle wrap to be straight, smooth, and tight, sealing all the edges, and lining up all the different sections. It’s not easy, and any little mistake will cause the wrap to peel, bubble, or fail prematurely before it has a chance to work in your favor.

Lining up the vehicle wrap

When you have a vehicle wrap, it will often come in a few sections that have to be perfectly fitted to each area of the vehicle. Plus, they have to line up correctly so that it looks like one wrap. You have to be meticulous when fitting the vehicle wrap to get the best effect. Besides having to line up the different sections, the most challenging aspect is sealing the edges to prevent peeling.home 0008 vehicle wraps - Don't Get a Bad Rap For a Bad Wrap

Peeling edges

It’s imperative that the edges – the entire vehicle – are clean. Any dirt, dust, debris, oils, and other elements can get trapped under the edges preventing them from being sealed tightly to the vehicle. If the edges aren’t perfectly clean and tightly sealed, the wrap will start to peel.

Bubbles in the wrap

If the entire vehicle isn’t perfectly clean and free from any foreign objects, solid or liquid, the wrap will start to bubble. Even when the vehicle is clean, air can get trapped underneath, causing bubbles and warping the look of the design. One of the first things that amateurs will discover is how hard it is to place a wrap on a vehicle without trapping air and allowing bubbles in the wrap. Avoid bad wrap installations. Talk to PG Install.