Do You Need a Full Wrap, Partial Wrap, or a simple Decal to Boost Your Brand?

Vehicle graphics is the best way to increase your exposure whether you’re a small startup or you are launching your brand nationally. There are three types of vehicle graphics that you can choose from, a full wrap, partial wrap, or decals. All three have the potential to be hugely effective.  So what exactly is the difference, and which vehicle wrap is right for you?

Benefits of vehicle wraps

IMG 07501 - Do You Need a Full Wrap, Partial Wrap, or a simple Decal to Boost Your Brand?

Full Vehicle Wrap

If you’re not using your vehicle as a branding tool, then you are wasting precious real estate. Why spend money on print advertising or renting a billboard when your car is like a billboard that you already have in your arsenal? Plus, a car will move around, ensuring maximum exposure. A billboard is stationary, so you have to rely on customers driving by, instead of you being able to drive by your customers. Once you figure out where your demographic is hanging out, you need to design vehicle graphics that will attract customers and create brand recognition.

Is bigger better?

A full vehicle wrap will cover your entire vehicle including your logo, business name, and contact information. When you design a full vehicle wrap, there are a few design traps that you want to avoid. A full vehicle wrap may seem like it has the most significant potential for the biggest amount of exposure, but if the design is confusing or lacks luster, then it doesn’t matter how much of your vehicle it covers. When you design a full vehicle wrap, you need to utilize every inch of your vehicle effectively. Make the full vehicle wrap one big cohesive advertisement for your business.
IMG 0750 - Do You Need a Full Wrap, Partial Wrap, or a simple Decal to Boost Your Brand?

Partial Vehicle Wrap

The mistake that people make with a full vehicle wrap is to add too much design. Find the signature element to your logo that can stretch and expand over the entire vehicle for a cohesive design.

Less is more

Does your logo have a signature color, pattern, or design element that you can use on the entire vehicle? If so, then choosing a full vehicle wrap will only heighten the effect of your design and increase your business. If you don’t have that, then don’t try to force it. A partial vehicle wrap will typically take advantage of the sides or hood of a vehicle and is a perfect example of “less is more.” As long as your partial vehicle wrap is bold, legible, and attractive, it can be just as big of a branding tool as a full vehicle wrap.

Subtle, simple, and sophisticated

DSC04466 - Do You Need a Full Wrap, Partial Wrap, or a simple Decal to Boost Your Brand?


There is something attractive about subtle, simple, and sophisticated decals for branding. A decal will take up an even smaller portion of your vehicle, like placing a sticker on each side. The decal will constantly, but gently remind everyone of your business name and contact information. Another bonus of a decal is that it can be cut into the perfect shape to fit any area of your vehicle. For professional vehicle wrap installations, contact PG Install in Denver.