The Design and Installation of Your Vehicle Graphics Affects the Impact

Vehicle graphics are a big branding opportunity for every business. Wherever you go, you’re making an impression and getting your brand out there. To maximize the effect of your vehicle graphic you need to think about the design and the installation. Where and how you place your vehicle graphics will affect the marketing value.

Maximizing your vehicle wrap

IMG 07501 - The Design and Installation of Your Vehicle Graphics Affects the Impact

The design and the installation can impact the marketing value of your vehicle graphics.

A poorly placed vehicle graphic will have a negative impact on the marketing value. Vehicle graphics help a business make thousands of impressions a day, and you want to make sure they are good ones. Sloppy installations can make the graphics hard to see and read.

How design will impact the installation

Make sure that you design your vehicle graphics to fit the specific model of your car. Take into consideration the shape and size of your vehicle. And take note of the best spots to place a graphic. Make sure that your graphics are in proportion to the vehicle. The design should feel and fit naturally. If it’s too big, it could get distorted by windows, door handles, the door seems and curves. Make sure your design isn’t distorted after installation because you didn’t consider the exact vehicle model.

How installation affects marketing value


If the design isn’t created to fit the exact model of your vehicle, it will get distorted. An image that looks disproportionate and distorted is hard to read and hard to understand. If your customers can’t read the vehicle graphics, then they are worthless.


IMG 2268 - The Design and Installation of Your Vehicle Graphics Affects the Impact

Make sure the graphics are centered and that the design is taking the shape of the vehicle into account.

The placement should be flawless and well thought out for maximum impact. A design that is crooked or slightly off center can be jarring and awkward. If your design makes people feel uncomfortable when they look at it, it’s not going to make your business look good.


The application of the vinyl graphics needs to be smooth and seamless. No bubbles or creases should be visible. If the installation is done professionally, the graphics should look like they were painted directly on your car. Pro Graphic Install specializes in the installation of vehicle wraps. With over ten years of experience, we’ve earned the reputation of being the go-to guys for vehicle wrap installations in the Denver area. We have the talent and expertise to give you the best looking vehicle wrap installation possible. Make sure you call us next time you have one or one hundred vehicle wraps, that need to be installed efficiently and professionally.