Creating a Great Customer Experience With Signage

Every retail shop is going to need a variety of signage to create a great customer experience. The most effective signage will bring your customers to the door, and gently guide your customers through the store in the most effective way, enticing them to buy your products and, hopefully, come back again and again. Effective signage can turn first-time customers into loyal customers.

Getting customers to the door

photo 3 1 - Creating a Great Customer Experience With Signage

Signage will give customers a better shopping experience.

Your biggest obstacle when you have a retail shop is to get customers to come to your door. Your signage campaign, therefore, begins outside with strategically placed and designed outdoor signage. Whether it’s a standing A-frame sidewalk sign, hanging illuminated storefront sign, window sign, or custom awning, you want your sign to attract passers-by. Your sign should help make your retail shop inviting so that customers can’t help but stop in and see what you’re selling.

First impression

Your outdoor signage is often the first impression that your customers get, so make sure you convey the right message. Signage should be informative, but it should also convey an experience that your customers can’t pass up.

Directing your customer’s experience

Once you have gotten your customers to cross that threshold, you want to continue to give them a positive experience. Informational signs inside your store are crucial in directing customer flow and navigating their way around. Simple signage pointing customers to the fitting-rooms, bathrooms, and register will make their shopping experience much more pleasant. Even marking entrances and exits will make it a better experience for everyone. You want your customers to focus on your products, not on trying to find their way in and out and around your store.
la font 2 - Creating a Great Customer Experience With Signage

Window graphics can peak your customers’ interest and bring them through the door.

Informational signage will also help you figure out how to best layout your store so that you create the most fluid and efficient customer experience. That will allow them to move seamlessly from one section to another without getting lost or confused or ending up in the same sweater section again and again.

Call to action

Once you have a customer inside your store, you want to have signage with a call to action (CTA). Make it irresistible for customers to enter your store without buying something. You want your CTA signage to be loud and legible, but not obnoxious. Let PG Install take care of going on site to install the graphics. Not only can we do your traditional retail and POP graphics installations, but we can also help get those one-off promotional wraps installed on anything from coolers to telescopes to custom fabricated promotional pieces.