How a Point of Purchase Display Can Increase Sales

How you present your product to the customer is a big factor is whether you can make a sale. Point-of-purchase (POP) displays can greatly increase the value of your product and increase sales. Here’s how to use POP displays effectively.

Point-of-purchase displays

IMG 1410 - How a Point of Purchase Display Can Increase SalesA POP display is a type of marketing material that is placed next to the product or merchandise. It is a way to increase the visual effect of the product, attract customers, and add a bit of pomp and circumstance to your merchandise display. In a place where many brands are displayed side by side, a POP display can help your brand stand out. Since the majority of sales are made once the customer is in the store, your POP display can make a big difference in helping a customer decide to purchase your product.
Retail, point of purchase, and promotional graphics are a great way for your customers to advertise and a great way for you to add another stream of revenue to your business.

Where to place your POP display

POP displays are particularly effective in retail settings. If you have a few shelves or a stand in the middle of a store, a POP display will highlight your products. You want the POP display to be near your product so that it will draw the customer to that section of the store, and increase your chances of making a sale.

Types of POP displays

photo 1 oakley - How a Point of Purchase Display Can Increase SalesA POP display can be simple or elaborate, depending on how much space you have. You can install graphics and artwork on the display cases or shelving, or have a freestanding display close to your product. A POP display is basically the equivalent of having a mannequin dressed in the clothes you are selling; it should give the customer an idea of the product’s potential.  The most effective POP display will take your section of the store and create a “store within a store.” You will see this in department stores, where each brand has created a separate store within the larger space. It’s a way to separate themselves from the competition, and also isolate the customer once they get to your display so that they focus solely on your merchandise.

Installing POP displays

Signage is the most effective type of POP display. You can install signage and graphics that hang from the ceiling or mount them on the wall or shelving. Depending on the type of display, you will need to work with a professional graphics installer to make sure you get the best effect and the most value out of your POP display. You take care of the printing and let us take care of going onsite to install the graphics. Not only can we do your traditional Retail and POP graphics installations, but we can also help get those one-off promotional wraps installed on anything from coolers to telescopes to custom fabricated promotional pieces.