Complement Your Virtual Marketing With Physical Signage

Despite the growing trend of online and digital advertising, there is still a lot of value in physical, visible signage to improve your customer base. Great signage can be used for both branding and advertising and has remained a consistent multi-functional promotional tool for all businesses. To supplement your online efforts, here are the best ways to utilize physical signage to expand your brand.

Best uses of physical signage

image1 - Complement Your Virtual Marketing With Physical Signage

Boost your brand with physical signage.

When you have physical signage, you are solidifying your place and creating a visual means of communicating with your target demographic. The location of your sign is everything. Make sure you get physical signage in areas that will make you visible and get you noticed.

Communicating with your audience

A physical sign is a way to get your brand out there on the street. It needs to be simple and effective, as you will only have a few seconds to communicate your brand and your product to the local clientele. The effectiveness of a physical sign can make a massive difference to a business.

Placing your signage

Location may be everything, but the location also needs to be close to your physical location. If the sign is too far away, your clientele may become distracted by other signage before they reach your store. The attention span of your audience is limited, so make sure that the sign is impactful enough to hold your customer’s attention until they reach your store.

On-site signage

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Make your presence known with great store-front signage.

To ensure that you are capturing your audience’s attention and holding it until they reach your store, you need to have equally great onsite signage. A storefront sign is vital. Too many sales are lost because of poor signage and customers were unable to find your shop. If you are new on the block, make your presence known with a storefront sign. How will new customers know you exist if you don’t have great signage?

Size of signage

Having a sign that is bigger and bolder than the neighboring stores won’t necessarily be an advantage. If the sign is disproportionately big or awkward, it may repel customers. A sign that is proportionate to the size of your store, as well as the logo and lettering of the sign, is going to have a positive impact on customers. A well-designed sign will put customers at ease. A sign that is too big, bright, or busy may have the opposite effect. The design and placement of your signage can have a significant impact on the success of your business. For proper installation, talk to PG Install.