Window Graphic Installation for Back to School Sales

It’s time to start advertising your back to school sales and specials. As summer comes to a close, kids and parents are coming out to buy new school supplies and new school clothes. resizeimage - Window Graphic Installation for Back to School Sales

Why window graphics?

Window graphics can be installed and changed out almost instantly. You may start out with 15% off, then as you get closer to the start of the school year, you can increase the sales discount, or add new specials to move your products. Window graphics are flexible.


Window graphics are typically less expensive than permanent signage. Using window graphics will be a cost-effective way to keep your window signage current and relevant.

Installation matters

Just because window graphics are quick and easy to change doesn’t mean that you can afford to be sloppy with the installation. Window graphics need to be attention-grabbing and inviting. They need to attract customers. If you don’t install your window graphics properly they will start to bubble and peel, which will give off the wrong impression about your business and your product. A bold, well designed, well placed on the window, and properly installed graphics, will send a signal to your customers that you are giving your customers the gift of purchasing quality products at lower prices, rather than sloppy window graphics that make the sale feel like it’s your last desperate attempt to get some business. So, installation matters.

Professional window graphic installations

Make your window graphics as effective as possible by having them installed by a professional. Anytime you draw attention to your business, whether it’s a back to school sale or a grand opening, you want to make your brand look as good as possible. We have done thousands of window graphic installations over the years and know how to make sure they look good. Call Pro Graphic Install next time you need a hand getting your window graphics installed.