What Different Font Styles Say About Your Business

Your logo is going to be your most prominent spokesperson. A logo has a personality and can communicate with your customers. Choose a font for your logo that will convey the right message to your target demographic.

Choosing a font for your logo

There are four categories of fonts that we tend to use: Serif, Sans Serif, Script, and Display Fonts. The personality and traits of your business can be amplified by using the right style of font or typeface.

Serif Fonts

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Serif fonts are trustworthy and reliable.

The classic Times New Roman and Book Antigua are the most common examples of serif fonts. These fonts have been around forever, we all know them, we all know how to read them, and we all trust them. They are not dramatic or exciting but can be great to communicate a company philosophy based on trust, reliability, and strength. Serif fonts are so recognizable; they are used in situations when you want to remain a neutral and respected source, which is why newspapers have used Times New Roman since the invention of the printing press.

Sans Serif Fonts

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Sans Serif fonts are modern, clean, and easy to read.

Sans serif means that the font is without extra tags and flags. It is a simpler and no-nonsense typeface. Helvetica, Arial, and Calibri are typical examples of Sans Serif fonts. This font gives off a simple, clean, and modern vibe.

Script Fonts

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Using script fonts are classic and classy.

You have to be careful when using script fonts which can be harder to read than the serif and sans serif fonts. The cursive aspect that embodies the script fonts can make your logo feel more personal and handwritten. There is also a romantic and fantastical vibe that accompany script fonts, like Lobster and Pacifico. Script fonts are often used in the wedding industry.

Display fonts

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Display fonts are signature fonts that you create for your logo.

Display fonts are unique and are perfect when trying to give your logo some personality. Their individual style will make your logo stand out and communicate to your customers that your business is one-of-a-kind. Make sure that the display font does match the personality of your business. Although a display font can give you an edge in terms of being recognizable and eye-catching, your customers won’t appreciate it if your company doesn’t match the image that your font is giving off. When you’re ready to launch your logo and your business, there’s not a better way than with a vehicle wrap. A vehicle wrap will get your logo recognized and make more significant impressions than any other form of marketing and advertising. Talk to PG Install about quality vehicle wraps and signage to promote your business.