Vinyl Wall Art is Transforming Boardrooms and Lockerooms

A little wall art goes a long way. Wall art can transform the look of any room. From the locker room to the boardroom, wall art is the new way of decorating. Since the industry has turned to vinyl wall decals to replace paint, wall art is more hassle/mess free than ever.

Vinyl wall art

unnamed 3 - Vinyl Wall Art is Transforming Boardrooms and Lockerooms

The placement of quotes is a huge factor in the overall effect.

Paint is messy, and it takes time. Vinyl wall art or wall decals eliminates the mess. Creating custom wall art using vinyl decals will also free up time. Instead of having local artists spend days taking up room in your office, gym, or locker room, you can design your wall art off-site and only have to worry about the time it takes to install. Vinyl wall art is less time-consuming and more cost-effective than painted art. While that is enough to convince most people, one of the best aspects of vinyl wall decals are their flexibility.  


The design possibilities are endless. You can use wall art to create the right ambiance and mood, to promote your brand, or inspire your team. A custom wall decal can cover an entire wall or just a tiny portion.

Easy to install and remove

You also don’t need to worry about changing your mind, because wall decals are as easy to install as they are to remove. One challenge, however, is installing wall graphics smoothly and evenly. If you are placing art on several walls in one room, you need to keep the big picture in mind. Professional graphics installers can help you with placement and installation for the best effect.
IMG 1919 - Vinyl Wall Art is Transforming Boardrooms and Lockerooms

Graphic wall art can take up the whole wall or a tiny portion.

Inspirational quotes

In locker rooms and gyms, inspirational quotes on the wall can help inspire and motivate customers. Quotes can be tricky to install. Unlike any other image, if a quote is crooked or poorly placed, everyone notices. Installing inspirational quotes in locker rooms and gyms should be left to professionals.

Multiple Surfaces

Vinyl decals can be applied to any surface. Regardless of the surface, whether it’s glass, metal, wood, or concrete, make sure it is clean and dry before installing your wall art. PG Install can install custom wall art and vinyl graphics on any surface. Use professional installers to ensure quality and longevity of your wall art. Get a quote for your wall art installation.