Using Public Transportation To Promote Your Brand

Millions of people use public transport or see buses or trains pass them by everyday. These systems provide a great marketing opportunity to all kinds of businesses. You can book advertising space on different kinds of public transports and install an outdoor transit wrap on them. This strategy requires a relatively low investment, but provides great ROI.

Benefits of Custom Vinyl Wraps for Public Transit

A custom wrap is a great tool in a business’s arsenal, especially if they’re looking for an impactful marketing solution. These products are a popular choice for many reasons, including:

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A custom wrap is a great tool in a business’s arsenal, especially for an impactful marketing solution.
  • Mobile – Public transport is always on the move, which means your marketing material is moving around as well. Few other strategies offer this much visibility at such a low cost.
  • New Customers – Vinyl wraps on public transit reach a wide audience. You can market to thousands of people in a few hours, especially in a busy city. These wraps are even more noticeable in less crowded areas where there’s nothing to distract the audience.
  • Captive Audience – People who use public transport are a captive audience. They are exposed to marketing materials for a long time as they wait for a bus or train to arrive.

These are just some of the many benefits of vinyl wraps public transit. Just make sure you invest in good-quality products to get the best results.

Tips on Wrap Design

The wrap design plays a vital role in a campaign’s success. If you have a dull and boring design, it won’t capture people’s attention or keep them engaged for a long time. Here are some tips that can help business owners come up with a great wrap:

  • Full Wrap – A full wrap is very impactful, creating a large, unbroken display on public transport. This wrap will cover windows and doors, ensuring people can see the full picture easily. As the product is made from perforated vinyl, it will still allow passengers to look out the window or door panel.
  • Inside a Bus or Train – Install a wrap inside a bus or train as well. This ensures passengers are exposed to the marketing material consistently as well.

Get a quote today on your wrap installation to understand the costs involved. We will ask you a few questions before offering recommendations on different products. Most experts recommend resilient-vinyl outdoor transit wrap for trains and buses.