Turn Your Fleet of Trucks Into Great Mobile Billboards with Wrap Installation

One of the most underrated ways to advertise your company and products is through truck advertising, also known as fleet graphics or wrap installation. Trucks receive thousands of impressions 24/7, increasing your brand recognition and business exposure in the community. If you have trucks that are constantly on the road, why not turn them into great mobile billboards? Here’s how to do just that with fleet wrap installation.

The Basics

IMG 0850 1024x768 - Turn Your Fleet of Trucks Into Great Mobile Billboards with Wrap Installation
Boost your branding and income with fleet wraps.

At their core, wraps are vinyl pieces that go on and around a vehicle to help promote your business. They can be one color or feature multiple designs and are often used as a form of branding for businesses. The simplest kinds may only take half an hour to install, while more complex installations may take a full day.  You’ll need professional installation by a vehicle wrap company like Pro Graphic Install. Take advantage of the attention trucks receive from both pedestrians and other vehicles on the road by using truck graphics to promote your business!

Uses for Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are great for promoting any local or national business. They’re especially useful for restaurant marketing, real estate companies, car dealerships, and more. For a major brand or company, there’s no other way to make a splash in your market without huge expense. Fortunately, we offer vehicle wrap installation at very affordable prices! Check out our gallery page to see the wide variety of projects that our team has completed. 

In addition, it’s a fast way to promote your business because the truck is on the street constantly! Our wraps can be removed as easily as they were installed, so if you decide you want to change things up again, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg like some other forms of advertising would. Contact us today for more information about truck graphic installation in Colorado!

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