Top Four Reasons to Rebrand and Re-Wrap Your Fleet

Whether you have one company vehicle or a whole fleet, vehicle graphics is a great branding opportunity. Vehicle graphics are durable, impactful, and long-lasting. However, sometimes a company needs a little rebranding. Here are the top four reasons to rebrand and re-wrap your fleet with new vehicle graphics.

Why do you need to rebrand?

DSC02360 - Top Four Reasons to Rebrand and Re-Wrap Your Fleet Even the most successful companies will go through a few re-branding phases. As your company grows, your branding needs to follow. What was true when you launched your business, may no longer be relevant. Your graphics should keep up with company growth.

Making your brand more impactful

Sometimes you won’t know if your branding efforts are going to be impactful until you put them to the test. For the most impactful branding initiative, your graphics need to speak to your target audience. If you’re not getting the return that you were hoping for, it may be time to rethink your branding. Hopefully, all you need is to make a few tweaks to get the best results.

Branding upgrade for a growing business

The more success you get from your branding, the more your business will grow. As you expand your locations, services, and products, you want your branding to reflect your growth. If you have something new to share with your customers, whether services, new locations, new contact, or new products, you need to update your branding, including your vehicle wraps.

Expanding your fleet

DSC00595 - Top Four Reasons to Rebrand and Re-Wrap Your FleetIf you are expanding and adding more vehicles to your fleet, you may want to consider rewrapping your entire fleet, especially if there are any changes to the graphics. Your entire fleet should be consistent in their messaging for the most impact.

Replacing old vehicle wraps

Although a vehicle wrap can last a long time they will eventually need to be replaced. Replacing them before they get too worn, torn, or faded is going to be much more effective. Don’t let your vehicle wraps get so old that they start to give off a bad impression on customers.

Rebranding your company fleet

The hardest part of the rebranding and rewrapping your company fleet is to find the time. Taking your fleet off of the road to be wrapped is hard on a business. You want to find a graphics installer that can handle fleet installations in a timely and professional manner. We specialize in fleet graphic and wrap installation and are the only company in Colorado built to handle fleet installations. With our team of 10 full-time installers, we can complete installations that take most companies a week, in one day. Not only do we have the manpower and skill set to efficiently install fleet graphics and wraps, we also have the experience. For professional graphics installation and vehicle wrapping, contact PG Install.