The Effects of Placement When Designing Exterior Signage

Designing exterior signage can be tricky. You need to make sure it is visible, relevant to the brand, attractive, and impactful. It should stand apart from competitors and instill confidence in prospective clients, which can be difficult to accomplish if the placement or design isn’t pleasing. It is a good idea to hire sign installation experts for the job. They can help with the design of the sign and will inspect your property to find the ideal installation spot for it.

Importance Of Color

IMG 2752 - The Effects of Placement When Designing Exterior Signage
There are multiple elements that converge to make the perfect sign.

It is important to choose the right color for your exterior sign. The color should be bold and pop against the backdrop. For example, if the sign is against a clear blue sky, you need to make sure it is vivid enough to stand out. Avoid using colors like white, pale yellow, or silver. Choose something that provides a strong contrast like red, green, vivid pink, etc. These colors are more likely to pop against the background and catch a prospective customer’s attention. The background color shouldn’t overwhelm or wash out the shades in the sign. If you can’t influence the backdrop to your sign, choose the right color carefully.

Consult your sign installation expert to determine which colors fit your brand and still look great against the background. They will offer in-depth advice on designing exterior signage.

Choosing the Right Background

Before you start designing exterior signage, it is important to look at the logistics of your building. Where do you want to place the sign? Which location provides good visibility and can help your sign stand out? Here’s a look at some of the best options to consider:

  • The sky provides a naturally dynamic background. You just need to make sure the sign is bold enough to pop against it and doesn’t look washed out.
  • A building or city backdrop will also look majestic, especially if you have a sign that matches the aesthetic of the background.
  • Nature and landscape backdrops are a great choice for places that sell organic products, produce, flowers, or similar items. Landscape can be a distracting element, so you need to make sure your sign is big and impactful enough to stand out.

All backgrounds can be an asset to the sign if you choose the right design. Work with an experienced professional and get a detailed quote before hiring a professional.