The Benefits of Vinyl Graphics On Unconventional Surfaces

Vinyl Graphics are an excellent way to market your business and products, but most people don’t think about using them on unconventional surfaces. But why not? The cost-effective vinyl can be applied to any surface, including stairs, concrete walls, sidewalks, parking lots, and much more. Using this method of advertising can help you build your brand, gain new customers and stay in the public eye much longer than regular marketing methods. Don’t miss out on these benefits; read on to learn how you can use vinyl graphics on unconventional surfaces today!

Outdoor Vinyl Graphics

At first, it may seem surprising that vinyl graphics would work well on unconventional surfaces. But with a little bit of imagination and planning, there are countless ways to apply custom vinyl graphics to unconventional surfaces.

Concrete Walls

Vinyl graphics are a great option for businesses that want to get their name out there on something besides regular walls. Many people say that concrete is a boring material, but vinyl allows you to add life and personality to your business by putting your logo or slogan onto a concrete wall. If you’re in construction, why not get more business by adding a vinyl imprint of your company logo? It might sound gimmicky, but it really drives home your brand identity!

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Parking Lots

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, fast and effective way to market your business, parking lots are a great place to start. Additionally, parking lots can be used as standalone messages or in combination with other unconventional marketing efforts like bus benches or concrete poles.


Increase foot traffic and brand visibility by applying vinyl graphics to stairs. If you have several stories in your office building, consider creating a stairway that connects all levels of your building. This can be done quickly and easily and will dramatically increase awareness. Similarly, you can add vinyl graphics to each step on a stairwell for an eye-catching way to give directions or welcome visitors.

Other Applications

While many people think vinyl is used solely on windows or indoor walls, it actually can be applied to any surface. The main benefit of vinyl graphics over other types of signage is that they are cost effective and easy to install! They are an excellent solution for retail stores, restaurants, construction sites, and more.

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