Signs and Graphics to Make Your Storefront More Welcoming

You want your storefront to be welcoming and warm when customers come in, but you don’t want it to look boring or too plain either. Signs and graphics are your solution, allowing you to create something memorable that also attracts the right audience. Customize signs and graphics so that your storefront gives off the right impression and attracts the right audience. Combine logo signs with window and door graphics to create a beautiful tableau that speaks to your brand and the consumer experience. 

Attract the Right Customers

Signs and graphics play a vital role in attracting consumers from both off and online. Using directional signs, street banners, window and door graphics, building wraps & other designs can catch your potential customer’s eye so that they have an inviting experience upon entering your store. These custom signs can also be used throughout your interior as a way of connecting with customers through color and design. Signs are a simple but effective method of drawing people inside of your storefront.

Making a good first impression is critical when attracting customers. When designing your store’s signage, don’t forget about windows and doors — they should be compelling, as well. Window graphics are an excellent way to put your brand front and center while still providing protection from outside elements. Door graphics aren’t just for high-traffic doorways anymore—put them on side or back doors, as well.

Window Signs

photo 4 1 - Signs and Graphics to Make Your Storefront More Welcoming

The front window is usually your first impression, so make sure it’s a good one. Choose a few simple words for your window sign (like open or order here) that are easy to read from the outside. Put them in a tasteful font — one that will look good with or without lighting.

Door Signs

Do you need a reminder of your hours? A daily deal, special offer, or discount? Door signs are all about communicating with customers in an eye-catching way. On one side, you can feature your logo, slogan, or name. The flip side is a great place for graphics that promote daily deals or discounts. You can also use it as a place to display your store’s full name, website, and contact information.

A Combination of Words, Textures, and Colors

All businesses have different marketing goals, brand identities, and target audiences, which is why it’s important to think about your custom sign design from a number of angles. A combination of words, textures, and colors should result in graphics that express your brand while also attracting people walking by your store.

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