Reception Logo Signs to Boost Your Brand

A business’s office reception logo sign is an effective marketing feature. It contributes to establishing a distinct identity, thus ensuring the brand statement is clear in that space. Good signs are impactful, attention grabbing, and blend in with the layout of a reception area. You should design personalized logo signs depending on the needs of the brand to ensure they communicate a clear message.

Your reception area should act as an extension of your storefront. Any opportunity for branding is a new one. Customers can tell they are in the right spot when they see reception logo signs. They should be made to feel welcome and at ease.

Select the Best Reception Logo Sign

IMG 1410 - Reception Logo Signs to Boost Your Brand
A logo sign will boost your brand.

Since you may need various types of signage, it is important to ensure design consistency. This will help to build a seamless setting, while still offering the necessary features. When you have the correct signs, your visitors can quickly find and locate different areas on your premises.

It is vital to hire professionals for designing logo signs. They take the time to address your needs and determine what kind of signage will be most appropriate for your reception spaces. They will plan everything, including the following:

  • Different types of signs
  • Proportions and type
  • The best fonts for viewing
  • Colors
  • Signage placement

Considerations for Your Logo Sign Installation

There are certain things to keep in mind when installing reception signs, including:

  • Ensure that the company’s name and logo are unmistakable. Put a sign on the wall right in front of the entry.
  • Choose a suitable mounting option, such as channel lettering, logo boards, 3D lettering, and so on. You should explore these forms with a professional to determine which ones are best for you.
  • All signs should be consistent with the company’s logo aesthetic. Maintain brand continuity in the workplace.
  • Consider the surface where it would be hung; positioning is critical for visibility.

A professional graphic designer can provide detailed and practical solutions. Send them photos of the installation site and get their input on factors like scale, color, form, and composition. Many of these considerations must be made when designing, setting, and installing reception signage. A strategically placed professional and attractive logo sign will make your customers feel welcome the minute they step through the entrance doors. For a customized sign installation, please call us at Pro Graphic Install and discuss your requirements with our experts. We will take the time to understand your needs and provide a quote.

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