Poor Sign Installation Will Reflect Poorly on Your Brand

Signs are a great way to draw attention to your store and gain more traffic. They are visible from a large distance, helping you catch the eye of people driving by. Signs also help establish a strong brand presence if you get the design right. They can make your company more memorable, which helps establish a strong customer base. However, you can only enjoy these rewards if the sign installation is carried out properly. Hire an experienced professional with a good track record to get the best results.

Rules and Regulations

IMG 0980 - Poor Sign Installation Will Reflect Poorly on Your Brand
Display fonts are signature fonts that you create for your logo.

Outdoor signs are often subject to a wide range of rules and regulations. Every county has its own building code requirements, and you need to make sure your installation is up to code. The county may fine or take down the sign if it violates their rules, which is a waste of time and money. While most counties publish their building code requirements in detail, it can be difficult to find the most current information.

That’s why you should consider hiring a professional signage company. They will be familiar with the latest regulations and will make sure your sign installation is secure. A professional will use the best tools and techniques to ensure the fixture stays in place even when the weather conditions are rough.

How Poor Installation Can Affect Brand Image

Modern consumers are picky and know they have ample choices. They don’t need to support a business to get what they need, as it is easy to find alternatives. That’s why it is important to ensure your brand image is polished and professional. If your signs are crooked, off-center, or poorly maintained, they will have a bad impression on your prospective customers.

If the sign is lopsided, customers may assume the business is sloppy and doesn’t care about its presentation. Weak and poor placement can also place people or property in danger. If the installation is weak, it may tip over during harsh winds and hurt people. It is also possible that the sign will fall on someone’s car and cause serious damage.

Get a quote from a sign installation professional and compare estimates from different vendors to find the best deal. Consider the installer’s reputation, past projects, and portfolio before hiring them. You can also ask them if they offer any repair and service assistance, as well-maintained signs look presentable.