Making the Most of Your Fleet with Graphic Installations

If you have a fleet of trucks or delivery vans, installing graphics is one of the most impactful ways to promote your business. Install graphics to have a longlasting impact on your demographic and create a positive image for your company. Be sure to coordinate your graphic installations so that there is cohesion from region to region.

Cost per impression for graphic installations

Header 2 - Making the Most of Your Fleet with Graphic InstallationsGraphic installations on your company fleet are the best use of advertising dollars. According to a 3M study, graphic installations will give you the most impressions for the lowest cost. A television add will cost you $23.70 per impression, whereas, a vehicle wrap will cost $0.48 per impression. Those kinds of advertising numbers are hard to ignore. If you’re not turning your fleet into rolling billboards, then you’re doing your business a major disservice.

Graphics create a positive impact

Vehicle wraps and graphics have a positive impact on your customers and potential customers. People are much more receptive to and affected by vehicle graphics than any other form of outdoor advertising. Another benefit of vehicle graphics is that they make an impact whether they are moving or parked. When moving, you turn your fleet into rolling billboards. When the truck is parked, the graphics continue to make an impact.

National fleet graphics

Graphics can be designed to target a specific demographic within a certain region. For national fleets, you may want to consider customizing your graphics. Every region is different, and you may need different graphics to appeal to your demographic in different regions. Customizing your graphics from region to region will make your graphics more impactful.2 fleet - Making the Most of Your Fleet with Graphic Installations

Graphic installations on a national scale

We are set-up to help coordinate and facilitate graphic installations on a national scale. With over 10 years of key relationships with other trusted installers across the country, we can help coordinate and manage the installation of a national wrap or graphics campaign across the country. We have a list of certified installers we have worked with over the years that we trust in every major city across the country. If it’s the right project, we also travel anywhere in the US to give you a hassle-free installation in any city. Let Pro Graphic Install help you sell more jobs and get more done with our National Installation Services.