The Process of Installing Vinyl Graphics on Interior and Exterior Walls

Wallpaper is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Vinyl wall graphics are quickly taking over due to the ease of installation. But, some steps should be taken before installing vinyl graphics onto a wall. Understanding the process will help you choose the right graphics installer for the best, long-lasting, and professional results.

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Choose a graphics installer who understands how different wall textures will affect your graphics.

Steps to Vinyl Graphics Installation on a Wall

Texture of the Wall

Every wall is different, and they don’t just differ from inside to the outside. The first step to successfully installing graphics on a wall is to understand its texture and materials, and how they will affect the outcome. A certified graphics installer will understand how to work with different textures and materials to properly install your graphics. The type of paint, materials (concrete, stucco, wood, brick), and the surface should be taken into account before beginning the installation process.

Showing Texture through Vinyl

If you are applying graphics to a wall with a lot of texture you should expect to see it through the vinyl graphics still. However, your graphics installation company will be able to determine the best installation method and the best vinyl to use for the project. The effect of graphics over a textured wall can be quite beautiful, adding a sense of a hand-painted design, as opposed to a visual installation. But, the most important part is knowing what type of vinyl will adhere best to the kind of wall in question. Your graphics installer should have the knowledge to guide you through the right process and materials.
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Make sure your graphics installer understands which vinyl is compatible with your wall.

Compatibility of Vinyl and Wall Surface

Vinyl won’t just stick to any surface. A thorough graphics installer may do a test on the wall in question to make sure that the two are compatible. If the wall is already painted, the vinyl and the paint may not be compatible. If that’s the case, the wall surface may need to undergo additional prep for it to work.

Graphics Installer in Denver

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Work with a certified graphics installer for the best results.

We’ve installed graphics on exterior and interior walls, and understand how various surfaces, textures, paints, and materials will affect the installation so we’ll take steps to prepare your surface for the graphics. Our professionalism and attention to detail are what has earned us an excellent reputation in our industry and among our clients. We work with small local companies, as well as coordinate national graphic installation campaigns. If you’re looking to install graphics to an interior or exterior wall, talk to one of our graphics installation experts about your options.