Installing Large Graphics on Odd and Uneven Surfaces

There’s more to a great wrap, banner, or sign than great design. Not every surface is the same. There are many odd shapes and sharp edges out there. However, just because the surface isn’t flat, it doesn’t mean that you can’t install graphics or signage. A skilled large graphics installer will know how to install any graphic on any surface.

Odd shaped surfaces

Many modes of transportation have various shapes and uneven surfaces, however, we have become quite skilled at installing custom vinyl wraps on any moving vehicle, from bikes to boats to planes. But, we have also become skilled at installing large graphics on stationary surfaces that aren’t perfectly smooth or level.
pav s04 - Installing Large Graphics on Odd and Uneven Surfaces

Get experts to install your large format graphics on just about anything.


Large staircases in public places, like malls and subways, are perfectly good canvases for graphics and custom design. No surface can’t be branded. The trick is in the planning, starting with the design and finishing with the installation. There are two levels to putting graphics on a staircase. One, you need to get a cohesive image and message across when you look at the entire staircase from afar. Two, you want that same image and message to come across to someone who is walking up the stairs and seeing the steps one at a time. The skill of our installation company will install the graphics just right so that you get brand recognition from several angles.20161028 125709 - Installing Large Graphics on Odd and Uneven Surfaces

Stationary container units

Large metal containers are great for mobile offices or storage space. They can be strategically placed so that the most massive solid wall is facing a public and trafficked area. Containers on large construction sites can use the walls of the containers as advertising space to create excitement and buzz about their project. However, the sides of a metal container are anything but even. The structure is designed to be stacked, interlocked, and transported. The structure is built to withstand the harsh conditions during air, land, and sea transportation. That has lead to the signature corrugated sides. It is designed for efficiency, but it makes it harder to evenly and adequately install graphics. Like a set of stairs, you need skills and proper planning to install large graphics and banners on a corrugated container unit. Don’t discount odd shapes and uneven surfaces when it comes to branding and marketing. Talk to PG Install about installing awesome graphics on odd and uneven surfaces.