Graphics and Decals for Your Office: 4 Ideas

As with your automobile, you should use your office space to advertise your business and products to the fullest extent possible. In addition, you may use every square inch of your office to communicate the value you bring to your customers. In addition to that, it shouldn’t be overt or uninteresting.

Make your office work for you with custom graphics and decals.

Using custom vinyl graphics and decals on your walls, you can bring life and color to a corporate space that might otherwise be drab and dull. Branding and logo decals aren’t a waste of money, as we’ll explain in detail today.

Using your office as a marketing tool

The Entrance

DSC04816 - Graphics and Decals for Your Office: 4 Ideas
Bring life and color to any corporate space with custom graphics and murals.

Consider posting your mission statement in your waiting area to better inform your guests and customers. Your company’s core values written on a beautiful backdrop? Instead of staring at a plant or a stack of magazines, you may be doing something more beneficial. Sharing your company’s mission statement in the lobby is a great way to communicate what you do and the values you hold dear.

Displaying your signage, image, logo, or a current promotion is possible with floor decals. Slip-resistant, smooth, and long-lasting.

The Boardroom

For those of you who are fortunate enough to work in an office with an expansive view from your conference room, this may not be an issue for you. Why not use large-format, realistic pictures to decorate conference rooms, which are often located in darkened, windowless areas of an office building? Recreate a breathtaking vista as though it were seen through a window, or show off the products or achievements of your business. Examine every nook and cranny of the meeting space to choose the best locations for your graphic message

The Breakroom

No matter how happy your employees are, they still need some downtime to rest, recharge, or clear their heads in between meetings. When the day is long and stressful, why not help them unwind with a stunning beach or forest scene mural? Taking a break from their workstations to have lunch in a separate location will help keep your staff alert and focused for the rest of the day.

The Hallways

The hallway would look amazing with a timeline depicting the history of your business! This can make your employees feel good about their work while also educating customers about your company’s past. Alternatively, you may let your employees loose in this area and have a contest to see who can come up with the best idea for utilizing personalized decals in an otherwise empty area.

Ready to spruce up your work environment?

The interior of your business space can be transformed into something that works for you by the professionals at Pro Graphic Install. Give us a call to make an appointment for your custom graphics and decals.