Fleet Wraps Will Help You Dominate Your Local Market and Beyond

Fleet wrapping will drive your business to new heights and help you dominate the local market. Branding your fleet is one of the most effective marketing tools. With innovative and memorable fleet wraps, your small business can compete with the big boys.

Better than traditional marketing

fleet brand background - Fleet Wraps Will Help You Dominate Your Local Market and BeyondIn the past, businesses have spent a lot of money on targeting print and media ads. However, these forms of advertisements and marketing are expensive and limited. A vehicle wrap has unlimited potential and unlimited reach. For a small business, a fleet wrap is the best use of your marketing dollars.

Saturate your local market

Fleet wraps will saturate your local market in a way that is much more effective than traditional marketing tools. Your customers also won’t feel like you are pushing your brand on them, like with TV, radio, or magazine ads. Customers are much more likely to remember your vehicle wrap than your TV spot. A colorful, fun and cleanly wrapped vehicle will make a lasting impression on everyone it passes. With traditional marketing, you end up targeting a specific audience, but with a vehicle wrap, you will target everyone in your area, expanding your reach far beyond other means of advertising.

Add more vehicle wraps

As your audience and customer base grows you can easily scale up your marketing by adding more vehicles to your fleet. The more vehicles on the road, the more impressions you’ll make. You can also start to expand beyond your local area, slowly starting to solidify your brand and take it national.

Consistent vehicle graphics

DSC00595 - Fleet Wraps Will Help You Dominate Your Local Market and BeyondOne vehicle can generate tens of thousands of impressions a day, so imagine what a whole fleet can do. The reach of your vehicle wrap is limited to how far your vehicle can drive. However, you do need to be consistent in your wraps. For the best, and longest lasting effects you need to have your vehicles wrapped professionally, and you need to make sure that the graphics are consistent. Work with a company that can help you coordinate professional, high-quality and consistent wrap installations to make your marketing even more effective, locally and beyond. PG Install has the manpower and skill set to efficiently install fleet graphics and wraps, we also have the experience. With the successful installation of over 280 transit vans, a box truck and full semi-trailer wrap for American Furniture Warehouse, you know you can depend on us to get the job done!