Effective Interior Sign Strategy in a Retail Setting

Signs are a ubiquitous feature of the modern world and have their origins in more ancient, simplistic forms, like in the merchant realms of Babylon and Pompeii. They have evolved exponentially throughout history and continue to call attention to all manner of products, services, and ideas. An interior sign strategy in a retail setting is a form of communication with customers already visiting a given store, intended to inform and influence sales. 

An Intentional Visual Journey

IMG 2752 - Effective Interior Sign Strategy in a Retail Setting

A significant role of interior signage is wayfinding signs, intended to direct customers and avoid confusion or frustration when shopping and searching for products. Signs help break up retail stores into smaller, more manageable, and organized areas conducive to shopping ease. This visual communication is also central in influencing spontaneous, or “impulse,” sales and shopping behavior in general. Interior sign strategy in a retail setting also draws attention to the latest promotions and sales, and it displays prices and descriptions for shopping convenience. Not to mention that clear and creative sign design and position is essential to excite customers enough to make purchases, using a variety of bold fonts readable from both near and far, and having a good grasp on color theory.

Effective Use of Retail Signage Variety

A business needs to have a good grasp of how to use variety and uniformity in conjunction with each other to create a visually appealing, organized, and stress-free environment. When using signs for practical purposes, it is imperative to put thought into making the appearance cohesive and easy to follow, like uniform wayfinding markers and look-alike promotional signs for customer convenience. Other logistical signage is used to promote safety and comfort, of course, like pointing out emergency exits and handicap areas in bathrooms and dressing rooms and markers that include braille for visually impaired customers. Even mats and floor designs can serve as helpful signage for practical and promotional purposes. 

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