Design Elements for POP Displays

Any business, small or large, requires employing marketing and advertising methods to thrive. There are numerous forms of drawing customer attention, including within a physical retail company. Point of Purchase, or POP displays, are a clever way to grab interest and add on last-minute and spontaneous sales to promote positive sales and merchandising success.

The Ins and Outs of Point of Purchase

CAM00224 - Design Elements for POP Displays
Store within a store POP displays.

These strategically placed, eye-catching ads can come in printed and digital form, placed right with the promoted product, often by checkout areas. The purpose is to influence customers visiting the retail store and sway their purchase decisions with visual interest. POP displays can be temporary or permanent and range from simple signs and “shelf talkers” to entire, free-standing display cartons. Creative techniques like 3D, bright color palettes, and interesting fonts make these ads intriguing. Structures can even be made to look like objects related to the product displayed, like the form of a wooden beer barrel or in the shape of a Christmas tree. Much more customizable than regular shelves, displays can be made to coordinate with specific specials and holidays.

Efficacy in Reaching Customers

POP displays are always placed in obvious areas to draw as much customer traffic as possible. Here are some common and effective forms:

  • Vender Shops – Usually elaborate displays built by a certain brand to set itself apart from competitors, sometimes described as “stores within a store”
  • Freestanding Displays – Often made of cardboard and hold a particular product
  • Dump Bins – Standalone, geared toward objects like candy or small toys, and featuring deeper holders
  • Endcap Displays – Positioned at ends of aisles, a setup like freestanding displays
  • Banner Stands – A larger type of POP, very mobile as it acts purely as an ad sign and doesn’t hold product

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