Creative Wall Murals to Build Brand Awareness

Ordinary signage is boring, to say the least. You can’t go wrong with something bold, unique, and eye-catching. That’s why creative wall murals are ideal. It not only instantly makes a space look brighter, but also boosts brand awareness.

Branding is not about promoting goods and services; it’s about promoting a lifestyle and experience. Wall murals and graphics can be used as storytelling techniques. And storytelling plays a huge role in influencing and affecting people’s decision-making.

There is an endless variety of wall mural themes, some of which were created to help promote brands only because they are visually appealing.

Creative Wall Murals and Graphics

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From the colorful designs to the witty words, wall murals will get your message across in an interesting, unique way.

Photo by Metin Ozer on Unsplash

What makes a wall mural or graphic creative? It’s the use of non-conventional elements, such as using humor in an advertisement to grab people’s attention. Humor can be used by marketers to get their message across, especially when it comes to promoting products and services that not everyone automatically thinks are interesting, like insurance products. Use colors, textures, imagery, and photography to your advantage. The wall mural or graphic must have a theme that people can relate to. Use the brand’s logo for easy recognition.

What Kind of Wall Murals Are There?

There are four basic categories of wall murals: Textural, Photographs, Abstract, and Typography. Commercial properties like restaurants, shops, and offices often choose abstract to add flair to their space. Restaurants can use photos of their dishes and abstract art to liven up the walls. Shops often use images that describe their brands, such as a logo or colors. Wall murals are also effective in commercial offices when used for branding purposes; a good example would be using an image of the company’s building with its name shown prominently on the wall.

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