Creating a Successful National Fleet Graphics Campaign

When you have just one vehicle wrapped to promote your business, consistency is easy. But, when you have to expand your fleet, even expand nationally, consistency becomes much harder and much more important. By following a few simple rules of vehicle wraps, you can easily expand your business and run a successful national graphics campaign.

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For a national fleet graphics campaign, make sure the quality of installation is consistent everywhere.

Understanding Your Customer

If you’re expanding, so is your customer base. Not only does that mean more success and more profits, but it also means something much more valuable. It means that you have loyal customers that you can listen to and learn from. Understanding your customers, their wants and their needs will help you design the perfect vehicle wrap. Using what you now know about your customers, and looking at your old design, it may be time to make a few tweaks and changes before you go national.

Design for the make and model of your vehicle

Your vehicle is prime commercial real estate and you want to take advantage of every inch of space. However, not all vehicles are created equal, and you have to account for the curves, windows, and doors of the type of vehicle you are wrapping. Some companies will use a template, and others will take the time to measure your vehicle as well to make sure they have the right measurements for the best design. Make sure you are designing for your specific vehicle, not a template.

Keep it simple

IMG 0221 300x225 - Creating a Successful National Fleet Graphics Campaign

We have the national connections to make sure your fleet graphic installation is consistently high-quality.

Finally, make your final design vibrant, memorable, and most of all, simple. Say what you need to say and leave it at that. Don’t overwhelm your customers with too much text, don’t oversell your company. Stick to the facts, use consistent colors that are reflective of your brand and your business, and let the design speak for itself.

National Vehicle Wrap and Graphics Campaign

If you’re going national, PG Install can help ensure quality and consistency from sea to shining sea. We’ve got connections everywhere and will make sure that you are getting the best of the best when you’re ready to expand your fleet to new territory and new states. Talk to us about getting your fleet ready for a national audience.

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