Channel Lettering Inside and Outside Your Business

Today, there are a number of different types of signs to choose from. There are various styles, materials, lighting options, and more. It means you will always be able to easily find the types of signage you require for your office building, business, store, or any other commercial location.

At PGI, we offer the best signage lighting and installation services, using high-grade materials and products. This attention to detail helps ensure that you get robust signs that are a class apart. Many business owners wonder whether channel lettering is a good signage option. Here we look at how you can use these features in the indoor and outdoor areas of your business.

Channel Letters for Indoor Spaces

DSCF8332 1024x768 - Channel Lettering Inside and Outside Your Business
Channel lettering can be tailored in sizes, shapes, colors, and designs.

The interior areas of your property need to be designed in line with your branding and should blend perfectly with the storefront. One straightforward way to do this is to install channel lettering in the reception lobby and other areas too. The signage professionals that design your storefront signs will also provide ideas for designing the perfect channel letters for the indoor areas. These signs could be related to your products and services or to provide directions to your customers.

Custom Channel Lettering Solutions

No matter what your requirements are, we are here to help with the best, tailored solutions. Our experienced graphic designers can personalize everything, including the channel lettering’s sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. We can design and install the types of signage you want to increase brand visibility and uplift the appearance of your indoor areas.

When we are installing these features in an outdoor location like your storefront, we use exterior-grade materials and products. In addition, we can also plan the lighting aspect for you as this can help attract attention to your business. We will make sure that the design and styling of your outdoor signage compliments the interior installations.

Whether you need these signs for your retail store, nail salon, supermarket, or high-end clothing store, we can provide the solutions you need. The design choices are endless, and our team of skilled and experienced professionals will make sure that you get the types of signs you prefer. For a detailed channel lettering or POP display quote, feel free to call us and tell us what your requirements are. Our team will make sure you get the types of indoor and outdoor channel lettering signage solutions you need.