Branding Your Reception Area

Your reception area sets the tone for the visit. How can you use signs and graphics to strengthen your brand, communicate your purpose and inspire confidence and trust in your services and products? One way you can give your reception area a brand makeover with signs and graphics is by framing your brand story. A good brand story inspires confidence and trust in potential clients, but how do you create this? It all starts with clearly defining your values and what makes you different from the competition. Once you know that, then it’s time to show the world!

Logo Signs

Every business, regardless of size, needs a professional logo. It gives your clients something to look for when they come in. Establishing a good logo from day one will go a long way towards building trust with your customers. And using signs and graphics will make it easy to present that logo in an easy-to-find and understandable format.

Informational Signs

2 - Branding Your Reception Area

Posting an informational sign is a great way to establish who you are and what you do. Include details such as office hours, business name, staff names, a contact phone number, company slogan and your physical address. If your business is multi-location or has multiple disciplines (such as a law firm), consider posting signs with descriptions for each location or practice area. Window signs and wall signs on every level of your office building are a great way to display information about hours, new procedures or upcoming events.

Directional/Wayfinding Signs

There are lots of ways you can use directional signs to establish direction, give directions and direct people around your office. Directional signs are simple and useful in a reception area because they help people find their way around. For a doctor’s office, for example, you might want to place directional signs pointing to different departments such as ‘check-in’ or ‘X-ray’. Use these types of signs throughout your office building so that people can easily navigate from one department to another.

Inspirational Signs

As visitors approach your office, they will likely spend a few moments in your reception area. It’s during these few moments that they will form their opinion of you and your brand. Keep them informed with motivational signs and graphics that inspire confidence and promote trust in your services and products.