Biggest Mistakes People Make With Window Graphics

There are many types of window graphics from decals to vinyl to posters. Window graphics are basically any art that dresses your windows. Graphics should accomplish more than just window art; it should function as a branding tool and a way to attract more customers to your business. To make the most of your window graphics you need a good design, quality materials, and professional installation. One of the biggest window graphic mistakes is to install the graphics yourself.

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Perfect positioning by PG Install.

Benefits of  window graphics

Window graphics are cost-effective marketing tools, but you can’t cut corners. You may see a chance to save money by installing the graphics yourself, but the cost of correcting installation mistakes could exceed the original price of a professional installation. Retail shops, restaurants, and the hospitality industry have significantly benefitted from window graphics as they have multiple promotions, events, sales, and messages they want to get out to the public. Window graphics are perfect for fluid marketing. They can be removed and reused, and are inexpensive enough for a business to afford to change their graphics as needed.

Installation mistakes

The first mistake people make is to not properly clean the window before installing the graphics. Any dust, dirt, or debris on the window will create problems during the installation. Leaving dirt on the windows will prevent the graphic from an even application. Getting dust caught between the window and the graphic can cause air bubbles, and tear at your graphic. Without a properly cleaned surface, you are decreasing the longevity of your window graphic. Rushing the positioning and the application process is the second biggest mistake. Window graphics are often large and cover the entire surface of the window. You need to be sure that you are positioning the graphics properly so that it looks like it was painted on. Many think they’ve lined up the graphic perfectly and then rush to remove the protective liner from the decal. Rushing this process will often result in a crooked application and trapping air underneath causing bubbles.
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Avoid getting air trapped between the window and the graphic for a smooth installation.

Professional window graphic installation

The benefits of a professional window graphic installation are well worth your money. Making mistakes will only decrease the effectiveness and longevity of your graphics. Avoid wrinkles, bubbles, and sloppy installations by hiring PG Install for all of your window graphic installations. We bring the tools and the skills to get the job done right the first time.